K9Positive Was Founded by Barry and Jo in 2019. We are Dedicated To Looking After Your Dog And Giving Them The 5 Star Treatment.

At K9Positive, we are passionate about dogs and dedicated to providing them with the best possible care. Our business was founded in 2019 by Barry and Jo, who have a wealth of experience in Dog Training and an understanding of canine behavior. We are located in the beautiful Spanish countryside, in an historic Olive Mill that has been transformed into a welcoming home for dogs.

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We Are Jo & Barry !

We are the founders of K9Positive, a premium dog boarding and training business located in the beautiful Spanish countryside. Barry is an experienced dog trainer with an understanding of canine behavior and Positive Reinforcement training techniques. He has worked with dogs of all breeds and ages, and is passionate about helping dogs and their owners develop a strong bond based on trust and respect. Jo has worked as a carer most of her life, and brings her compassionate and nurturing nature to her role in the business. Together, we are dedicated to providing the best possible care for dogs, and have created a warm and welcoming environment where dogs can relax, play, and learn.

Our Team

Our Own Dog!

You didn’t think we could do this by ourselves did you?


The Spanish Water Dog

Poppy, our beloved Spanish Water Dog, is an integral part of our dog boarding business. She loves to play and socialize with other dogs, which helps to create a positive and welcoming environment for our guests. Poppy is always eager to greet visitors and show them around, and her friendly and outgoing nature helps to put dogs and their owners at ease. In addition, Poppy is an excellent companion for dogs who may be feeling homesick or anxious, providing them with the comfort and reassurance they need during their stay. We are grateful to have Poppy as part of our family, and she brings joy and happiness to all who visit us.

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